High-tech and highly skilled employees

With a high-tech machine infrastructure such as that of Rau AG, it is essential that employees are mainly composed of well-trained experts and specialists. Most of our employees are precision mechanics, mechanics or polymechanics, all of whom have been trained for our special requirements through internal and/or external training. In addition, we can also count master mechanics, technicians TS and engineers HTL among our employees. Rau AG distinguishes itself by having initiative, independent and self-reliant employees.

Many employees did their apprenticeship at Rau AG

Many of these professionals have already completed their apprenticeship at Rau AG. There are employees who have even remained loyal to the company for over 30 years! But in the end, the future can only be guaranteed by the arrival of young people. Therefore we train an average of 3-4 polymechanics per year.

Permanent further education

Training and further education has always been strongly supported by the management and distinguishes us as a technologically efficient partner. It is not least these two facts – many years of experience and up-to-date know-how – that distinguish our company as a reliable, resilient and technologically efficient producer. Put us to the test, our specialists will convince you.