Apprenticeship /

Team spirit

At the top of the company, the Rau family exemplifies daily work enthusiasm and competence. Good team spirit, polite manners with all superiors and employees are very important during training.

Technical flair and networked thinking

However, essential prerequisites for an apprenticeship at Rau AG are also technical understanding, networked thinking and craftmanship as well as a sense of responsibility and stamina.

Admission criteria polymechanic EFZ:

– Secondary school level A or Top B
– Recording test
– 3-day trial apprenticeship
– Strength in mathematical subjects

Admission criteria logisticians EFZ:

– Secondary school level A or Top B
– 3-day trial apprenticeship
– Reliability and a sense of responsibility
– Enjoyment in dealing with people
– physically resilient

The polymechanic – as well as the logistic apprenticeships are training courses that have a future.