Our apprentices

Rau AG takes its responsibility seriously

  • to offer school graduates a perspective for the future. With 17 apprenticeships (equivalent to more than 20% of the workforce), we are well above the Swiss average.
  • Young, motivated and well-trained specialists are important factors for the continued existence and competitiveness of Rau AG.

Forward looking apprenticeship

  • After the basic training, our apprentices have the opportunity, depending on their aptitude, to acquire the latest production technologies during the training period. This makes them valuable skilled workers who will continue to be employed by Rau AG after completion of their training. The high number of former Rau trainees who still belong to our employees and the possibility of internal promotion (various management positions are filled in this way) show the success of this concept.
  • Rau AG also makes an important contribution to society with its apprenticeships, as four young people per year are given the opportunity to receive a future-oriented education with a good apprenticeship.