Assembly operations

  • Purely mechanical components
  • Electrical components ESD safe
  • Components according to clean room conditions (ISO5 KL100)

In over 700qm assembly space with different work divisions we are able to further process the produced
parts to complete units and equipments with a small part of electrical components.
The batch size can range from single-unit production (prototypes) to large-scale production.


Quality assurance

All the assembled units will be inspected according to the customer’s instructions. The customer generally
provides the test units and is responsible for their calibration. On request and in agreement with the customer
we procure or produce assembly, adjusting and control gauge as well inspection stations.



With our SAP-supported logistics, we arrange the acquisition and disposition of all articles.
The disposition and the change management at our suppliers will also be organized and managed by us.
Due to the optimal infrastructure, we are able to offer efficient assembly processes with short lead times.
This provides ideal conditions for an attractive value for money.


Skilled employees

Our staff consists of skilled professionals and semi-skilled employees.
The product-specific training is organised and carried out directly by the customer or by us in our
own premises. The assembly will be done according to the instructions and guidelines given by the
customer. If requested we will create the instructions.


We offer the solution

Thanks to the wide-ranging experience in the areas of medical technology, semiconductor industry,
welding technology, surface inspection and many more, it is possible to offer an optimal solution to
the customers’ individual needs at any time.
With our ideas, we have been able to contribute to the successful development of many projects.


Picture gallery assembly area

Montageplätze: Serienproduktion
Montageplätze: Einzelteile und Kleinserien
Montageplatz: Serienbaugruppen / ESD
Montageplatz / Serienbaugruppen


Picture gallery assembly groups

Handlings Modul Medizinaltechnik
Handlings Modul Halbleiter
Messtechnik Härteprüfgeräte
Messtechnik / Kreuztisch
Presswerkzeug für Hochdruckleitungen
Messtechnik / Zugfestigkeitprüfung
Rundtaktmagazin für Halbleiter
Waferhandling im Aufbau