Two different strategies when rotating

Sliding headstock

Small filigree components are produced on our sliding headstocks. Here we can manufacture turning parts
up to 25 mm diameter. Bar loading magazines enable unmanned production. These machines have up to 12 axes
and they can use up to 4 tools simultaneously. Thanks to the high-pressure pumps (120bar) and the
high-frequency spindles (50000 1/min), oblong holes as well as very small bores are easily producible.

Fixed headstock

Complex components up to 65mm diameter are produced on our full-monitored turning centres from bars.
The machines have up to 3 turrets and 12 axes. Bar loading magazines and handling systems allow
a 24-hour production with 1000mm, 1500mm and 3000mm long bars. Turning centres for bigger components
up to 300 mm diameter are equipped with our gantry loaders respectively with robots. With the help of measurement
and surveillance systems, a 24-hour complete production can be ensured.


Picture gallery rotation parts

Ausschnitt der Serienfertigung im Drehen
5-Achsen- Langdreher / Durchmesserkapazität 12mm
Langlochbohren auf einem 12 Achsen Langdreher
12 Achsen- Drehcenter mit Roboter / Durchmesserkapazität 120mm
10 Achsen- Drehcenter mit Roboter/ Durchmesserkapazität 150mm
8 Achsen-Drehzenter mit Roboterhandling und 1500mm Stangenlader bis Ø65. Abschnitte bis Ø 250mm


Picture gallery sample parts

Musterteile bis Ø25mm auf unseren Langdrehern hergestellt
Musterteile Stangematerial bis Ø65mm
Musterteile bis Durchmesser 150mm
Musterteile bis Durchmesser 250mm