Our specialists start by thinking about the component itself

Another important aspect of our consultancy service is that our manufacturing staff start giving serious thought to a
component at a very early stage. This gives them the opportunity of learning about how the component will be used,
and to match the manufacturing process to the purpose.

Smaller components and tools

We also carry out design work. This is for the smaller components and tools from an existing concept or from technical
specifications. From these we work up a full set of production drawings.

CAD/CAM-System and closeness to production

To achieve the best solution, it is just as important to use a CAD/CAM system together with a range of interfaces for the
exchange of data, as the closeness to production. The data obtained can then be used to program the machines.

Air condition Production

The whole production is under climate control, so we have a constant temperature in the work area all around the year.