High-tech and highly skilled employees

  With a high technological infrastructure of machines, as it has Rau AG, it is inescapable,
  that the employees are composed by well trained employees and specialists. Most of our
  employees are precision mechanics, mechanics or multi-skilled mechanics, which were all
  trained either internally or with extern training for our specific requirements. In addition we
  can also count on master craftsmen, certified technicians and graduate engineers. Rau AG
  is distinguished to have initiative, single-handed and accountable employees


  Many employees did their apprenticeship at Rau AG

  Many of these employees attended their apprenticeship with Rau AG. There are employees, who
  abide Rau AG for over 30 years! But the future can only be guaranteed by young labour. That's why we
  train every year approximately three multi-skilled mechanics.


  Permanent further education

   Further education was always contracted by the company owner and was enforced recently.
  At last those two facts - long-time experience and updated know-how - are the reason why
  Rau AG marks out a reliable and technological capable manufacturer which is able to work
  under pressure. Put us on trial, our specialists will convince you.